Diane Strand


Diane Strand is an award-winning Executive Producer at JDS Studios, and the TV show Spirit of Innovation, Riverside County’s first of it’s kind magazine style news and information broadcasted and live stream television program. She’s also a wife, mother of three and two time bestselling author on the topic of entrepreneurship, and most recently her book Show Business how to break into the Industry as an Actor. She is the majority owner of JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc / JDS Actors Studio and the founder of nonprofit JDS Creative Academy.

Diane focuses on the business of video production and acting, Diane has written two approved curriculums, a Title 17 program designed for adults with developmental disabilities and a California State approved apprenticeship for 10 job codes in video production. These programs provide hands-on training and paid opportunities, designed to break down barriers to gainful employment in video production, post production and acting.

A former Actress, Diane holds Producer and production credits from A-List shows like; General Hospital, Friends, and Veronica’s Closet. She has produced for The Disney Channel and Universal Creative and led the producing team that built and ran the high-def control room at Staples Center, now Crypto.com.

Diane has helped launch over 100 video and acting careers into the mainstream entertainment and multimedia video production industry.

Program Director – JDSCA Video Training Program

Executive Producer – Spirit Of Innovation

Founder, Board President, & Executive Director



President, Founder & Executive Producer





President, Founder & Executive Producer